Roman Mogilevskii

University of Central Asia
Associate Director and Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Public Policy and Administration
Kyrgyz Republic

Dr. Roman Mogilevskii works at the University of Central Asia’s Institute of Public Policy and Administration since 2011. He holds a degree of candidate of physical-mathematical sciences. For more than twenty years he has been working as a researcher and expert in applied economic analysis for governments of the countries of Central Asia and different programs and projects of the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, the UN, European Union, Eurasian Development Bank and other international organizations. For many years he has been executive director and senior research fellow of the Center for Social and Economic Research CASE-Kyrgyzstan. Dr. Mogilevskii publishes extensively on different topics related to development of the economies of Central Asia. His research interests include foreign trade, labor market and social policy, public finance, macroeconomics, and agricultural economics.