Phill Norley

Crown Agents
Customs and Trade Facilitation Expert

Phill is a customs and trade facilitation expert and project manager with a wide range of experience of providing both operational and strategic inputs on large and small scale Customs and Trade Facilitation modernisation and capacity building projects in Sub Saharan Africa including in Angola and Nigeria as well as Eastern European pre-EU accession countries and former Soviet Union countries including Bulgaria, Macedonia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and most recently, Albania.

Phill’s technical competencies are gained from 17 years’ service in HM Customs and Excise (HMCE) and 16 years as a consultant for Crown Agents. His operational experience has focused primarily on provision of Customs law enforcement and policy advice in a multi-disciplined environment, including project managing the development and implementation of Customs IT software in support of the risk based control and clearance of cargoes. Phill also possesses a deep understanding of contemporary best practice approaches to border management and supply chain security issues and risks covering ports, airports, land border as well as in-land Customs clearance depots.