“UzReport TV” is a news, information and analytics TV channel, based on the News Agency “UzReport” and internet portal UzReport.uz. “UzReport TV” started broadcasting on April 28, 2014. It broadcasts in Russian, Uzbek, and English. It has a digital form of broadcast.
“UZREPORT TV” has become the first news channel in Uzbekistan, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main purpose of the TV channel is quick and objective coverage of the key events, happening in the country and abroad. The structure of the broadcast is established in a way that allows for fast response, hourly broadcast of public, economic, political, sport, cultural and world news. There are also analytical reviews, author programs, social-educational and scientific documentaries.
Potential audience of the channel – 20 million people. Target audience consists of various social categories aged 10 years old and older. In-house production accounts for 70% of the broadcast.
“UZREPORT TV” is distributed through the following platforms: “UzDigital TV” network, “Star TV”, O’КТ Cable television, “IP TV” Service, Yamal 401 Satellite, which covers more than 40 countries of Eurasian continent. Also, the channel expands its coverage in foreign countries. For example, one can watch the channel on www.mediabay.tv, and it is also included in the package of “Kartina TV” internet channel, which broadcasts in Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, Korea and other countries.